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IUCN brings together governments and civil society organisations, united under the common goal of protecting nature and conserving life on Earth. 

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IUCN harnesses the knowledge, resources and reach of over 1,400 Member organisations. These include States and government agencies at the national and subnational levels, NGOs large and small, indigenous peoples' organisations, scientific and academic institutions and business associations.

National and regional committees

IUCN Members within a country or region may choose to organise themselves into National and Regional Committees to facilitate cooperation.

Membership directory

Search all Member organisations using the IUCN membership directory.

Through their affiliation with IUCN, Member organisations convene and influence diverse stakeholders at the highest level, all in support of nature conservation. They are also part of a democratic process, voting Resolutions, which drive the global conservation agenda. Furthermore, as an official United Nations Observer, IUCN ensures that nature conservation has an influential voice at the highest level of international governance.

IUCN’s expertise and extensive network also provide a solid foundation for a large and diverse portfolio of conservation projects around the world. Combining the latest science with the traditional knowledge of local communities, these projects work to reverse habitat loss, restore ecosystems and improve people’s well-being. They also produce a wealth of data and information which further feeds into IUCN’s analytical capacity.

The value of working together as a Union cannot be understated, or reproduced. IUCN’s history is built on the results of Members putting knowledge, influence and execution to work for a more sustainable future. 



IUCN’s Crossroads blog is an “open letter to IUCN Members”, providing a platform for Members and selected partners to influence the Membership on key conservation and sustainable development topics.

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Crossroads blog | 15 July, 2022
Applying the lessons of climate change to halting biodiversity loss
By Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

Become an IUCN Member

By joining IUCN, you will benefit from IUCN's scientific credibility, its unsurpassed knowledge base and convening power, extensive networking opportunities and access to high-level political, economic and social decision making. Being a Member of IUCN enables you both to advance your own cause and to strengthen common action in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

IUCN awards

Three prestigious awards: the Harold Jefferson Coolidge Memorial Medal, the John C. Phillips Memorial Medal and Honorary membership of IUCN are presented at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

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John C. Phillips Memorial Medal

The John C. Phillips Memorial Medal recognises outstanding service in international conservation and commemorates the life and work of Dr John C. Phillips, a pioneer of the conservation movement.


Harold Jefferson Coolidge Memorial Medal

Established during the 2004 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Thailand, the Harold Jefferson Coolidge Memorial Medal goes to a conservation professional who has made outstanding contributions to the conservation of nature and natural resources.


Honorary membership of IUCN

Honorary Membership of IUCN, which recognises outstanding services to the conservation of nature and natural resources, is presented to two or three individuals at the World Conservation Congress who have made exceptional contributions to furthering the goals of IUCN.

Member support

A network of dedicated staff, based in IUCN Regional and Country Offices, supports Members.